Welcome to the Berwick Class of 2012 Wikispace!
Don't forget, message me and give me game requests! The same old games get boring!

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*Update: December 8, 2011:

I added Angry Birds! Play it!

*Update: December 7, 2011:

I added Solipskier, Jackson Pollock, and Seaquence. Try them all!

*Update: December 5, 2011:

I added Sky Island and Dino Run. I'm trying to add all your requests as soon as possible.

*Update: November 17, 2011:

New url: berwick2012.wikispaces.com. Short and sweet.
New games include QWOP, Bloons SuperMonkey, and Zombie Sand. I'll try to get to the other games requested asap.

*Update: October 17, 2011:

As of today, the url is changed to theberwickclass2012.wikispaces.com. Hopefully, this doesn't happen again because I can only change the url once a month.

*Update: October 9, 2011:

I added something amazing called Music Matrix.

*Update: October 5, 2011:

I added Happy Wheels! You really need to play it. There's also a hacked version, where your body won't fall apart.

*Update: September 21, 2011:

I added Dice Wars! :) Play it!

*Update: September 20, 2011:
Hey, new update after a whole year. I added The Company of Myself. Try it! And make sure to ask me to add new games, I'd be glad to!

*Update: November 10, 2010:
It's been forever since I updated this. I dont even know if people use this anymore. But I added Flood Runner, Flood Runner 2, and Pillage the Village.

*Update: December 21, 2009:
Added Dolphin Olympics 1.

*Update: December 16, 2009:
Added Dolphin Olympics 2.

*Update: December 11, 2009:
Added Hell of Sand. It's just like Pyro Sand, but with zombies and a sponge.

*Update: December 7, 2009:
Added Sniper Assassin 4. Also deleted the Glee page. Go to Hulu if you really want to watch it because I don't feel like updating it every week.

*Update: December 1, 2009:
Upon request, I've added new TV shows: The Office, and Glee. I also added new episodes for Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.

*Update: November 25, 2009:
I added 625 Sandwich Stacker. Try it!

*Update: November 23, 2009:
I added the new Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. Also, recently I've been thinking about changing the name of the wiki, because it really isn't only the class of 2012. So I though something more general, like BHS Games or something like that. Any suggestions?

*Update: November 16, 2009:
I added 2 new Family Guy's, and The Cleveland Show. I also added Bloons Insanity Pack, and Demolition City 1 and 2. Also added Bloons Tower Defense 4.

*Update: November 13, 2009:
I added a pretty awesome Tron game. I also added Desktop Tower Defense and Whiteboard Tower Defense.

*Update: November 12, 2009:
I added Pyro Sand 1.

*Update: November 11, 2009:
I added Champion Archer and the ever popular Pyro Sand 2!

*Update: November 9, 2009:
Well there was 2 new Family Guy's last night, but Hulu only has one of them. So I added the new Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and also Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show for anyone who didn't see it. Also, make sure you join the wiki by tomorrow! And when you click join, please type your name in the message box so I know who you are.

*Important Update*: November 6, 2009:
Tomorrow, I'm locking the wiki. That means you have to be a member of it to get on. Signing up for a wiki name is free and it takes like half a second. Just go to wikispaces.com and sign-up. Then come to my wiki and click 'Join This Wiki' on the side. Then, whenever you come to this wiki, it'll tell you to log-in to get on. So just go sign-up quick and join!

*Update: November 2, 2009:
New episodes of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show will continue after the World Series is over. Sorry.

*Update: October 29, 2009:
I added Cover Orange, Formation, Hungry Blocks, Learn to Fly, Prehistoric, Spin the Black Circle 2. I also grouped a few games with many sequels (Bloons, Bike Mania, Boxhead), just to save some space. Just click on the link and it will take you to a page with all of the sequels on it.

*Update: October 28, 2009:
I added Motherload. It's only a demo but it's still fun.

*Update: October 23, 2009:
I added Super Stacker. And sorry about the few games not working. It's all fixed now.

*Update: October 19, 2009:
Well I added the new Cleveland Show episode but unfortunately, there's no new Family Guy's untill November 8th.

*Update: October 12, 2009:
Nothing really new except for the new Family Guy and Cleveland Show. And apparently, wikispaces was blocked on Friday. I guess it's unblocked again.

*Update: October 8, 2009:
I added Crush the Castle and Crush the Castle Player Pack.

*Update: October 6, 2009:
I added Bubblin', Downhill Snowboard, Downhill Snowboard 2, and Throw Me.

*Update: October 5, 2009:
I added the new episodes of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. Make sure you watch them! I also added Bike Mania 5, and The Last Stand 1 and 2.

*Update: September 28, 2009:
I added the new Family Guy! I also added The Cleveland Show. It's not as funny as Family Guy, but it's ok. Make sure you watch them!! Also added Dual.

*Update: September 25, 2009:
Added Crush. And don't forget, new Family Guy's start this Sunday! I'll put it on Monday morning.

*Update: September 23, 2009:
Added Filler 2.

*Update: September 22, 2009:
I added 99 Bricks: The Legend of Garry, Dodge, Just Avoid It, Music Catch 2, Replica, Stackle, and Warfare 1944.

*Update: September 18, 2009:
I added Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 and 3, On the Edge, Puzzled Sheep, and Red Remover.

*Update: September 17, 2009:
I added Whack Your Boss and Whack Your Ex. =)

*Update: September 16, 2009:
I added This is the Only Level. It's pretty stupid but it's still fun. =)

*Update: September 15, 2009:
I added 4 Wheel Madness, Bike Mania 3, Bike Mania 4, Bumper Ball, Canyon Glider, Planet Racer, and Run.

*Update: September 14, 2009:
I added Adrenaline Challenge.

*Update: September 8, 2009:
I added McDonald's, Run N Gun, and Smiley Wars.

*Update: August 31, 2009:
I added The Classroom 1, 2, and 3, and Territory Wars.

*Update: August 26, 2009:
Welcome back to school! I will still be updating if anyone has any requests. Also added Achievement Unlocked.

*Summer Update:
I don't know if anyone even gets on here, but i added a few more games: Battle Pong, Boxhead: Halloween, Boxhead: The Rooms, Boxhead: More Rooms, Boxhead: Zombie Wars.

*Update: May 28, 2009:
I added Pandemic 1 and 2. This will be my last update this year. Thank you all for using my wikispace and I hope you continue to use it next school year. Have a good summer and keep those game suggestions coming.

*Update: May 21, 2009:
I added Enigma Blocks, Flux, Frustration, Gravitat, Magic Pen 2, Open Doors 2, Portal, Spewer, and Shift 4.

*Update: May 20, 2009:
I added ArtPad, Blocky, Blocky 2, Bloxorz, Boxhead: the Rooms, Defend Your Castle, Game of Disorientation, Gravitee, Pwong, Simon, and Z-Rox.

*Update: May 19, 2009:
I added Orbox. I also started putting Full Screen options in the games. Most of them should work.

*Update: May 18, 2009:
I added Bike Mania 2, Bubble Trouble, Don't Shoot the Puppy, and Spank the Monkey.

*Update: May 15, 2009:
I added 3D Logic, Bubble Shooter, Boxhead, Castle Draw, Eight Letters, Grow Island, and Tetris. And by the way, if any of the games don't work, please message me and tell me. That way I can fix them.

*HUGE Update: May 14, 2009:
I added More Bloons, Even More Bloons, Bloons Player Pack 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Bloons Pop Three, Boomstick, Bowman, Bowman 2, Bubble Spinner, Co-operation, Dots, Gravity Stick, The Helicopter Game, Hot Air Bloon, The Impossible Quiz, Jelly Blocks, Magic Pen, Mini-Putt, Pendulumeca, Perfect Balance 2, Phit, Quad Pong, Shopping Cart Hero, Ski Runner, and Spin the Black Circle. Make sure to try all of them out!

*Update: May 12, 2009:
I added Tanks and Tanks 2. I also deleted Super Stacker because I cant get it to work.

*Update: May 12, 2009:
Ok, someone messed with the Wiki this morning and deleted just about everything. I worked all morning to fix it and i deleted the person who messed with it. Recently, someone hacked my name and messed with one of the pages too. Anyone who messes with anything will get deleted off here because its a pain to fix everything and there is no reason to screw anything up. I also locked all the pages so no one should be able to edit anything anyways.

*Update: May 11, 2009:
I added Boomshine, Ball Revamped 5, and World's Hardest Game 2. I fixed Super Stacker, so now it should work. And I also added a Family Guy page where you can watch the episodes. Hulu has other TV shows I can add too so if anyone has any suggestions, just tell me.

*Update: May 8, 2009:
I uploaded Mrs. Spencer's online frog dissection if anyone wants to try it. Its pretty stupid but whatever. I also added Double Wires, 1 on 1 Soccer, and Slime Volleyball.

*Update: April 30, 2009:
I added Avalanche, Bloons Tower Defense 1, 2, and 3, Curveball, Grid 16, Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Scriball, Shift 3, and Super Stacker.